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Tools. More Tools. Tool Boards

What divides animals from humans? Correct, we use tools. More precise we are able creating certain tools for certain purposes. The attempt to increase physical capabilities through tool use can be seen as an early precursor to today's bionics.

I am definitely a self-confessed tool addict. I just can´t have enough of these, no matter if I really need these a lot or not.

Problem is, the more I added to my collection over the years, the more difficult it became keeping all together and organised. Nothings worse for me than searching boxes over boxes for a tool you need right now.

That´s the typical mess I find in my drawers and shelfs.

It was really time for a turnaround.

I started with a modern approach, a simple and standard tool board made from metal. I however find these a bit meaningless and aseptic.

So the idea was born, especialy for "classic" tools, building my very personal ones. I never throw away things easily and same was true for some old doors from our barn, I kept these for no special reason. Rediscovered these some days ago and started working on the redesign.

After just cleaning these with some hot water they came out better than expected and I skipped the idea treating these with wood oil or anything else.

And keeping the original patina of over 60 years old wood and rusty steel and nails just turned out great!

The first I built was for my workshop of course with the most commonly needed tools always at hand. Filled with screwdrivers from Stahlwille and Proxxon, a set of pliers, bearing pullers from Kukko and various stuff from Connex and of course Knipex I´m now set having everything at hand fast and easy.

But I also own some really old tools that are too good to be used any longer. Historic tools. And as I had s second barn door, I just built a showroom one.

This is now hanging in the house for decoration purposes and is packed with classic ones.

It even has an overhauled mini Dessel vice attached.

Patina as patina can. You can´t try copying this.

A Zippo leather case....with an old Zippo in it.

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1 Comment

Hey Kai!

I dig your shop! Very nice! Thanks for sharing! We share alot of similarities....I too, have a tool addiction and enjoy spending time in my shop, but I do it as a hobbyist, not as a business. I admire you folks that build for a living....Impressive.

Speaking of which, I got my wiring harness and throttle bodies off to Trevor for rebuilding. I appreciate your pointing me his way.

On another note, wishing you and yours a Very Merry Christmas and a better New Year!


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