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Get A Grip !

My penchant for details doesn't stop at the handlebar unit either, of course. And from my point of view even one of the most important things to take good care of: the steering unit and switches.

I defintely wanted keeping the original switch units. Not only to make my life easier in terms of electrics. I just like the Lego brick looks!!! The whole units just needed some attention.

Every unit was just carefuly disassembled and cleaned. There was no need for a new coating. Lucky me. Only the turn light switched were replaced. If you plan doing the same be aware there´s no spare parts offered anymore! If you break aynthing during the process this means bying a whole new unit. Ouch.

The grips itself are actualy pretty cheap ones, but in outstanding quality. They come with engraved aluminium clamps in anthracite on both ends. The bar ends mirrors come with integrated road legal LED turn lights.

This allows using only 22cm total lenght bars. The brake pump was upgraded to 15mm for R100 R Brembo front brake callipers.

Ah, yes. The cable sleeves. You can´t buy these anywhere out of the box. Hey, this is still a custom build project, right? Tip: Search the internet for Liquid-Carbon Cable Sleeves by MDPC-X. You will need different sizes.

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