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The Waterpump Disaster

On any BMW K series model, the most critical part is always the water / oil pump. Especially on older K models the pump seals are prone to fail so we defintely want to have a close look at that.

I think this explains the title of this post very well. It started with the center nut just broke from the gear like made from butter.

However the gear needed to be removed to check the seals and this is what I´ve found...

That´s a complete failure I´d say. It was already clear this pump should never run again or being repaired because spare parts are just as expensive as newer model used ones. So I removed the old seals just out curiousity....

The brown stuff upper left is what I´ve found. Decision made, go for a newer model from the used market.

The replacement pump arrived just a few days later and it turned out being in almost perfect state. Same procedure, check remove the wheel and check the state of the seals.

This time nothing just broke off and the state of inner seals was just like never used.

Even the front cover is still in very good state and just using new screws will raise the overall quality look.

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