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The Bavarian Blue Caferacer

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

Before we start, just a few words about myself. I´m a non commercial, private builder living in the beautiful area of Hallertau, Bavaria, Germany

Born in an industrial area in North Rhine-Westphalia as the son of metal worker, I literaly grew up on a workbench. I´m passionate with bikes since I´m 14 so it was only a question of time I start my own custom bike project.

So what´s been done on this former BMW R100 R? The engine:

- Heat, acid, oil resistant paint in silk mat black. Cooling rips and details free grinding by hand

- Cylinder heads complete overhaul

- Carburators complete overhaul

- Custom vintage CNC handled starter engine cover

- Classic 24 hole air filter box adoption

- Oil system cooler removed and inner oil filter reservoir re-fitting for a vintage look based on a modern Boxer engine

The frame:

- Cleaned from unnecesary mounts. (Driver footpegs, airfilter, horn, battery etc.)

- Custom welded new mount points for the gas tank, new bearings for stearing and swing arm. Powder coated.

- Swing arm and rear wheel drive painted with the same color as the engine to generate a homogenic look

- Custom seat subframe bent out of one piece of 5mm steel including custom mainframe spacer discs using the original frame mount points

The fork:

- Shortened by 7 cm, complete overhaul

- Custom made spring loaders (or spring loaders at all I should say)

- Powder coated immersion tubes. Custom front fender and front fender mounts

- Original fork stabilisator and lower fork bridge, but custom upper fork bridge. Custom fork brige cover held by screws in mat black.

- Custom plate for Motoscope Tiny speedometer


- Tarozzi double fast gas grip

- Brembo adopted break and shifter levers

- Short Highsider headlight mounts

Break System:

- Custom Brembo break fluid reservoir and carbon look break hose

- Custom front break discs from 240 to 320mm inluding adapters

- Original Brembo callipers but completely overhauled and painted in heat resistant gold

- Custom made rear break linkage

- Moved to the back Tarozzi foot rests


- New wiring harness based on a M-Unit Blue with M-Button

- All steering cables found a new home inside the headlight, including m-Button. No visible cables in front

- M-Button copper wrapped, and config cable wrapped with special copper shielded mesh to M-Unit located under the tank.

- New CB 750 coils including a custom mount under the tank. Saves a lot of space.

- 2 custom LifePo batteries lying in a custom-made cage sitting on top of the frame´s main tube.

- Horn underneath the tank, invisible (and still loud enough)

- M-Lock right side under the tank

- Messnermoto mini 3 switch buttons on the right

- Motoscope Tiny with all indicators running (turn lights, oil pressure, neutral, high beam)

- Standard ShinYo headlights with space for cabling inside

- Acewell TA7 BMW digital speedometer adapter at the gearbox. As the signal can´t be interpreted by the Tiny, there´s a signal converter in between both plus splitting the signal to the speedometer AND M-Unit. Tricky one….

- 40 Ampere main fuse between motor generator and 12V vehicle system.

- High end 800 degrees Celsius resistant Teflon shielded 0,5mm cables running underneath and through the upper engine from oil pressure and neutral switch to the core electric system

- Kellermann Bl2000 Led handlebar end indicators and Atto dark LED rear indicators

What else?

- Original rims, powder coated with new stainless-steel spokes

- Aluminum 90 degrees valves with custom made BMW M3 designed valve caps

- Wilbers professional rear suspension

- Original exhaust system with mat ceramic coating

- Custom Spark muffler for a decent sound

All indicators are working on the Motoscope Tiny speedometer of course.

That was way before the engine jumped jumped back into the chassis. The whole engine was sanded by hand until the iron cast was look was gone before painting.

That was actually the first day I took her out of the prison/garage. She curiously inspecting her new territory

A shot way after after the parts got their paint job.

Why not a b/w from time to time.

The golden ratio is also called the golden mean or golden section (Latin: sectio aurea). Other names include extreme and mean ratio, medial section, divine proportion, divine section (Latin: sectio divina), golden proportion, golden cut,[ and golden number.

This photo will explain the name "Bavarian Blue" the best I guess.

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