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Sunday fun with a custom front fender

Updated: Jan 27, 2019

Being a private builder, most of the things I do happen on a Sunday. Now it was time building a custom front fender for my BMW. I´m gonna try finding the right bending angle for my custom fender mounts.

From paper to metal to cardboard. I got used to working with cardboard before spoiling metal when it comes to bending things. The cardboard will help me finding the angles.

First shot with cardboard. We´re heading into the right direction.

So, how does this fit and how will the angles translate into the metal parts? Let´s see...

Ok. The cardboard is talking to me. Thanks god I took this appraoch, I did expect different bending points!

First fitting with my new metal, custom made front fender mounts. A bit too high yet, but it is just a matter of adjustments. Am I happy?

I am. Fender ist sitting right in the middle. And if not, press left or right...

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