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Stay Cool!

Ok, so this was the first time I´ve to overhaul a radiator for the "Option 11" build. Although the fins were still quite Ok I decided using a race mesh in black for a sleaker look.

Let´s dive into some details.

I kept the thermostat cap in it´s original colour because it still came along great without any scratches. A tiny BMW logo as eye catcher and of course new stainless steal screws.

And of course new screws all along the way. The ugly standard connection cable upgraded with MDPC-X carbon look, additional lenght because it´s always a bit too short and AMP Superseal connector.

The housing painted in anthracite metallic to get a bit more contrast and finding the engine design on the "Option 11" build.

Black race mesh....

Polished original parts and to me surprise the grommets were still like new.

Installing and fixing the mesh was a piece of cake using edge protectors.

Hope you find these pics inspirational!

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