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Let´s build a Motorcycle Subframe

Another day, another meeting with my metal builder Johannes. Fortunetly his workshop is only 1,5 kilometers away from my home.

Not that I was pushing my rolling chassis the whole way, we used our horse trailer.

With me standing inside the trailer...I didnt want to tie the whole thing down for only 5 minutes.

After the creation of the first sketch and the surveying it started already.

Johannes is really a master of his trade. On the whole the whole work was more or less free hand.

I know people who wouldn't even touch a flex. He´s doing millimeter works with it.

After cutting is before bending. We only used a 5 mm steel plate for the whole rear part holder.

The whole frame consists of only ONE piece!

After the bending the exciting moment; will it fit?

An hour and a half later, drumroll. It fits like a tailor-made suit.


Now just adapt the new holder to the line of the tank, drill the holder, finished. It took us another hour to do this.

I couldn´t be happier. I have a subframe!!!! And yes, I took a seat. :-) To be continued.

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1 Comment

Yes mate, this looks excellent! Carried the line from the tank perfectly. Simplicity at its best...Well done, great work 😎👌🏻

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