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Kawasaki Z650. Time for an upgrade

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

Don´t get me wrong. I loved my little Z300 Streetfighter, but it was time for an upgrade.

But first things first. Let´s say it as it it is, the original tail unit is shameful. So the first thing customed was the complete tail unit.

Who says you can´t drive into the woods with a streetfighter? Mumpitz!

Who enjoys driving in the city? I really don´t. Cities are great taking photos giving sceneries, but other than that? I defintely prefer the countrysides.

Let´s go.

Whatever you ride, ride with style!

A day at Hallertau in August when the hops is already high.

When the green one needs an inspection and you get a white one instead.

First of of the year 2020, 16th February.

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