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K100 RS Fan Wheel Upgrade

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

You saw me overhauling the original Bosch fan wheel in a previous blog post, I however decided not installing this rather than swapping the entire fan. There´s several options on the third market meeting the same requirements, however not every fan will fit the bike´s radiator.

So this is the ingedients list. A Spal 12V fan 184mm VA22-AP11/C-64A pulling 540m³/h, an adapter, a proper connector, 4xM6 1.2mm screws and a proper cable sleeve with shrink tubes.

We remove the original connector first because they won´t the harness anyways and we still somehow need removing and adding the new cable sleeve.

So the alu adapter is installed with a bit of Loctite on the screws, the cable is properly sleeved using a shrink tube first, followed by a MDPC carbon sleeve. In my case I´m also using a water proof AMP superseal connector.

Also I kept the original cable length so I can discretely have the connector vanishing underneath the tank.

One of the biggest advantages going for a SPAL fan is in case of rotor defect, it can´t drill into the radiator anymore and damage it. That was the case with the original Bosch one. Another big advantage is the overall design. The SPAL radiator has a much lower profile than the Bosch and gives back space under the tank. Here´s the comparison view.

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Hello from Texas! We do have plenty of heat here - sometimes more than we want. Will this fan work with a K1200 (1200GT)? Thank for your help!



I am writing from Japan. Are you going to sell this upgrade-kit again?

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