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Have a seat my friend

Updated: Feb 15, 2019

So far, most of the works and progress with the build was either metal or paint works. Now it was time for upholstering the seat. I´ve decided for a black suede leather rather than smooth leather.

Of course silver stitching was a must have. I never expect riding this bike in rain, so suede leather is probably not a bad choice.

Another, not less important part is also finished. The tail subframe came back from powder coating in perfect condition.

Obviously these works were done by a pro. The complete unit traveled through Germany and found it´s way to Kiel, home of KustomKraft. If you don´t know them yet, check out their site at www.

Good job Dennis! I´m super happy with your works, thanks a lot.

Looking forward to the next Gentlemens ride!

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