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Get shorter !!

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Shortening stock exhaust pipes seems one of the easiest things to do during a custom build. Still, you can make mistakes. In my case I´ve not even had to shorten the exhaust pipes, but also build a custom mount that finds the perfect angle in regards to the silencer.

If you take a closer look at the end result, please notice the silencer (Exhaust / Collector by BSK Speedworks UK in case you´re interested) is finding the line with the shifting lever. (Remember the importance of proper lines, I can´t stress this out enough)

So how to get there?

First, you don´t need sophisticated tools at hand getting the job done. A proper iron saw, a set of iron files, a ruler and cardboard is sufficiant. This, plus elbow grease.

Step one. Identifiy the longest pipe to be shortened. That is NOT the longest pipe in general, but the pipe standing out the most towards the back. So in our case this is the shortest pipe at cylinder 4. Slip the collector and silcener on to check how short you want to go without either hitting the wheel or something at the footpegs mechanics.

Step two. Install the second pipe, grab your ruler and make a check mark where to make the second cut so that all pipes are aligned.

Just repeat this process for pipe 3 and 4. That´s what we want to see. All pipes now have the same lenght to fit into the collector.

It´s now time building a custom mount for the silencer. I use simple cardboard to get all measures. (Length, width and bending points)

In my case the mount is being attached to the rearset. After transfering my cardboard measures to a 1mm piece of metal, holes are being drilled and the metal part gets a nice brush using a nylon wheel.

You can really find the bending points according to your taste. That´s how mine came out. I think it´s important moving the mount away from the rearsets first and make the second bend accordingly.

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