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Gearbox overhaul

Typicaly BMW gearboxes last for their lifetime. Mine didn´t. Well, I broke it accidentaly...Like this or like that,my gearbox had to be replaced. Luckily I´ve one one the used market.

Step one. Get it out!

To get the gearbox out the whole engine has to be moved in the frame. Enjoy the view of my clutch!

Finding a used (cheaper) cover was quite a challenge. Just finally I´ve found one in a very good state for a reasonable price. So let´s clean this thing up.

Clean, polish and repeat and we get a real shiny smooth surface.

First of course the defective cover needs being removed. Please never do this without using special tools designed only for this process!!!

Welcome to the inside of a gearbox. All in, after some inspection, all parts where still in good condition. Puh...

After removing the cover, before putting the new one on, all bearings need to be measured and distanced by centigrade. Again, you need special measurement tools.

10NM plus 2 torque.

And the final result after paint works. Not bad!

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