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Details! We need details!

With every new build and along the rebuild process, there´s always the same question. How to differentiate from other custom builds around the world as seen in numerous post in variuos custom build channels. Especially the BMW R and K series models are so popular amongst builders that it´s hard finding new things to do different.

With the K100 original rimsI found the perfect chance making things different. A lot builders modify the huge plastic cap covering the 4 wheel bolts, using a huge BMW logo making it look a little bit nicer. But to me it was clear that a) I wanted keeping the view to of bolts open cause it´s simply cool and b) use this element as differentiator as we´ve never seen this before the proper way.

There´s a small challenge however. The ugly hole right in the middle of the rim needs to be covered, ideally with a nice design element. Just, there isn´t anything available on the market, especially not for the K series models.

After spendless hours on the internet searching for an appropriate plug, I stumbled over on CNCed one; just it was designed for the R series rim and it comes without any design elements.

The maker however was clever enough leaving a 27mm space open, which is exactly the size of a BMW OEM logo from a K1200 tail. Bingo!

I tunred out the plug doesn´t fit 100% as for the R rims as the O ring holding the plug from behind the rim isn´t tight enough. But the logo doesn´t need being removed anymore for maintanance works, so a little silicone made the deal.

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