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BMW K100 Starter Engine Overhauling

The BMW K100 stater engine is a powerful little beast. I´ll share a video on its power below.

Overhauling the starter engine is no rocket science though. So here´s how your engine could look like.

The engine itself is held by only 2 screws at the motor block. Once removed it should come off easily. Well, it should....The whole housing is also just held together with 2 long srews.

It´s beneficial to remember the position of the housing before disassembly.

After disassembly the first thing to check is the condition of the coals and rotor. In my case everything was still in very good condition. The amount of black coal dust in the housing was also managable.

After disassembly is before polishing. In my case I polished both ends of the housing and sanded the main tube to prepare for a satin black paint job.

I was using a brass wire wheel for polishing in combination with Autosol. Not too shabby.

The main tube was sanded, primed and spray painted.

Just put everything together in reverse and get a shiny little monster.

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