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Better Living With Ceramic

I was already using this kind of coating for my BMW R 100 build exhaust system and knowing the stunning results already it was crystal clear doing the same again for the "Option #11" K 100 project.

This exhaust and manifold coating was developed for the American military and adopted by motorsports!

Motorcycle and automobile exhaust systems are exposed to special influences, which vary from case to case.

We have had good experience with a high performance paint on a ceramic base, which can withstand temperatures up to 1000°C.

These paints are also very suitable for the second coating on chrome. The layer thickness is not so thin, and makes scars and slight scratches rather invisible.

The high temperature coating has a matt black finish. The substrate is treated accordingly so that no paint flaking occurs later.

The exhaust and manifold coating is only possible in black matt. The surface appearance depends on the condition of the goods.

For example, if the manifold is heavily rusted, slight pits will be visible later, which are caused by corrosion. However, this has no influence on the surface quality of the exhaust coating.

The ceramic system is baked in a factory in an industrial furnace, but still has to undergo a one-time baking process on your machine.

Engravings such as the type number or the approval mark are still visible after coating, unless they were only slightly lasered in or are too finely embossed.

As always, hoping you´ve found this post useful. Stay tuned!

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Looks like a great product.

Loved the finish 👌

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