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At "Meet The Makers"

Updated: Nov 9, 2019

"Welcome Riders!" At the Meet the Makers today! I’m an early bird today to avoid the usual traffic chaos. Sun is out so just playing around with my camera in front of entrance, waiting...

Please let me introduce Great shop folks!!! Fantastic helmets.

Nagel Motors presented their "Son of a Beach"

Of course Indian Motorycyles were also represented.

The hall was packed with a bunch of interesting motorcycles. What do you think about this beast?

"Alles Super". "Alte Tanke" offers historic gas stations from the 30ies to the 70ies. All properly rebuild from original plans.

We also spoke to Reier Motors Garage from Salzburg, Austria.

The Auto Fabrica Type 11 is a stunning bike, both on film and up close and personal. Photo by Walker Custom Racers.

A beautiful Kawasaki Z650 build, from the guys Found Dry Motorcycle This shot was taken from this year's MCN Motorcycle show, London. Photo by Walker Custom Racers.

Norton Motorycles at "Meet The Makers"

And of course we didn´t miss meeting Rusty Nail Motors. They brought their current project, Mr. "The Fokker".

Loose Screw reduced their costs dramaticaly by hanging up a motorcycle rather than having it standing. Very clever.

Which helmet is yours?

Evil Knievel always worth a post on a saturday afternoon.

Badbold, badnbold, bad & bold.

Such a nice tank. What do you think?

Evil Knievel Vespa

Another nice BMW R custom build in context

Twins, but no twins.

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