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A little progress

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

As a private builder, patience is core. You either wait for parts or can´t effort them at any time. And talking about least I have standard 9 to 5 job, the weekend Saturdays are reserved for anything you can´t do during the week, so the process is slow. No desperation though, it all just takes time, that´s all. So, here where I stand now.

Steering cabling is done. I still have a challenge with the Tommaselli gas grip cabling, but just waiting for a new cabling kit.

I´m using AMP super sealed connectors for all eletric cables. Do you see them?

All cables (M-Button in steering tube, turn lights, switches are hidden behind (not IN the headlight!) I want to avoid shielding issues and AMP connectors are doing a great job. If you don´t know them, search for them.

Next thing worth mentioning are my ceramic coated exhaust pipes. I´ll have pictures speaking for themselves.

And the other side.

To be continued....hey, that´a blog! :-)

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