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A Broken Frame

Updated: Jun 29, 2019

No worries! Nothing´s "broken" or wrong with my motorcycle frame. It only needs some modifications so I can generate a unique look for my custom BMW build.

We had several things on the agenda for today.

And did I already mention my metal builders workshop is awesome?

Step one. We removed all unecessary parts. Like brackets for the gas tank, footpegs, battery, trim parts and so on.

A pipe belt grinder was the most appreciated tool today. Beneath a cut off machine of course.

This how it looks like once a part was removed. Ups! Gone.

Step two. Welding new gas tank mounts. The new desired position of the gas tank is 2cm up and 3cm backwards.

This will give my bike a more sporty and agressive look than it had before.

Plus, free the view to my wonderful black engine. Well, once it sits in again...

Tada! I´m really happy with our results for today.

The tank found its new postition and all unecessary part are gone. I wonder how many grams my frame lost during our surgery.

I threw away all parts removed, so I can only guess. All in all, if I make an educated guess, I´d say 1 kilogram.

When you have a view in your workshop.

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