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The perfect addition for your K series bike. Fits all BMW K75 - K100 - K1100 and replaces BMW part No. 1740146427 and/or 17401461579.


This upgrade comes with three advantages compared to the original Bosch fan.

- higher air flow with 540 m3/H per hour

- smaller dimensions

- in case of mechanic failure the shaft is constructively secured so that the fan wheel cannot drill into the cooler


Our Plug and Play base kit includes:

- pre-assembled SPAL fan wheel

- 3mm aluminium custom adapter

- 4 x M6x12 DIN 7991 screws with 4 x DIN 125 nuts.

- connections secured with LockTite

- 2 x M6x16 DIN 7991  screws for the lower connection to the coolant body

- Plug and Play AMP Connector that fits the original harness connector


The advanced kit (optional) includes:

- pre assembled MDPC-X carbon fibre look cable sleeving. See example pictures

- AMP Super Seal connectors kit. Pre-configured at the fan wheel cable. See example pictures


NOTE! If you go for our AMP Superseal connector option you will have to replace the original (not water resistant) connector on your wiring loom by yourself!


Additional note. Pictures showing the upgrade kit attached to the coolant body is just for showcasing the dimensions of the fan wheel. The coolant body is NOT inclduded.


All fan wheels leave our garage pre-tested on proper functionality.


K75 - K100 - K1100 Fan Wheel Upgrade

131,00 €Price
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