Yes. I belong to the Amazon generation. I love living online. I get musty when an order is not placed within 2 days at the latest.

But wait a minute. What do you do when there are things you desperately need just not to buy? A spare part for an old motorcycle. Or a tool used too little breaks too quickly?

Throw it away and buy it back? Sorry, that can't be the answer.

I was born as the son of a mechanical engineer in the Ruhr area and grew up at the workbench and all sorts of strange tools. That's probably where my enthusiasm for steel, iron and tools comes from. And of course motorcycles.

My digital lifestyle almost made me forget that. It was time to revive all this. So what could be more obvious than Do it yourself at the workbench and a real conversion project?

There's blood, sweat and tears almost every day. And that's exactly what I like about it.

This story is more of a journey than a race against time.

It all started exactly a year ago, in my garage. I should get to know a lot of great people who helped me to get on. From the painter to the metal worker, from the powder coater to the wheel tensioner.

This is my story.

Welcome to RubberCow Motors.

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